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Without ‘disturbing the peace’ and destroying sensitive eco-systems in the desert forests, this facet of your adventure options, provides optimum ‘fast track’ adventure and bar none, incredibly cool territorial access. We provide you with professionally guided, rarified world-class services through pristine, beautiful and unique, high alpine ATV desert terrain with 24-hour base camp; experience this adventure while based out of our one-of-a-kind luxury OutbackEdges HighCamp @Sedona West & Flagstaff Alpine Cinder HighCamp, plus simultaneous, Flagstaff and Sedona-metro ‘day-culture’ and evening ‘nightlife access.

BUT FIRST PLEASE an IMPORTANT NOTE: Our organization does not rent ATV’s or off road vehicles to anybody that is not entrained into the proper operations and use of the All Terrain Vehicle so that they do not damage & harm the environment. Our organization does not contribute to CORPORATE CORRUPTION of the ENVIRONMENT or our WildWest Culture [Way of Life]. In fact, our organization uses All Terrain Vehicles to “help the Forrest Service to do the right thing!” by enforcing strict entrainment programs over local Sedona businesses that rent ATV’s and don’t help to manage their customers.

Therefore our organization supports www.SedonaResidentsUnite.com to help people eveywhere to do the following about abusive ATV use in the sensitive desert ecosystems. How an you help & how do we help with the ATV debacle? 1. Don’t rent ATV’s from any businesses that cannot prove that they are providing their customers a certification training process to use ATVs’ properly. 2. Tell the US Forrest Service to STOP SUPPORTING ATV ACCESS Without proper Limitation & Management of the ATV’s! 3. Write your legislators about it!

Support and donate to: SedonaResidentsUnite.com. And here are some of the FACTS about the ATV Debacle: 1. ATV dust kills forest trees 2. Produce noise pollution 3. Are a Safety 4. Not intended for road use. ALL of THESE ISSUES & MORE Must be Addressed! At SEDONAWEST our organization goes out of its way to do things properly. We’re working with SedonaResidentsUnite.com to bring together resources & intelligence to bring real solutions to difficult issues like the ATV debacle. FACT: The big ATV suppliers like POLARIS are suppying large volumes of Capital to the US Forrest Service. Is that not a conflict of interest? LOOK INTO IT FOLKS! And, book your holiday & vacations with SedonaWest! A % of all bookings goes to ending hunger & resolving complex issues in our Region like the ATV Debacle!

Therefore, SedonaWest as an organization and the Wests’ best premium adventure, discovery & exploration enterprise platform, provides you the public, in todays’ heated up political climate, reality based solutions over the Top of the corruption of the environment & our sensitive eco-systems. SedoaWest provides you with the only actually genuinely ecology-friendly & professionally guided, rarified world-class premium All Terrain Vehicle entrainment services for the preservation of the environment & our Culture.

Sedona West brings to you the RIGHT WAY to do this. We entrain you for proper use of your navigation and all terrain vehicular Access into & through pristine, beautiful and unique, high alpine ATV desert terrain with 24-hour base camp professional facilitation safety measures & support supply lines. You experience this rarefied adventure while based out of our one-of-a-kind luxury OutbackEdges HighCamp @Sedona West. We also accomodate if you should choose to explore higher altitude, you gain rarefied access into the back-end of Flagstaff Alpine Cinder HighCamp. Additionally, Flagstaff and Sedona-metro ‘day-culture’ and evening nightlife is accessible through our private chanels of local social club culture.

DISTANCE: 40miles from OutbackEdges HighCamp @Sedona West.

ROADS: Unpaved Forrest Roads from your location, into OakCreekCanyon to Alpine Cinder ATV Park.

TOURING: 1-, 2- and 3-Day Outback High Alpine Desert Adventure Safari trips to and from luxury HighCamp Sedona West base, desert spa and field camps plus high altitude “ATV-Safari-Camps”, simultaneous day and evening access to the City of Flagstaff, and Sedona, with in-depth touring of surrounding National Monuments and Parks.

EQUIPMENT and STAFF: We have your outback extreme ATV’s, dirt bikes & choice of extreme razor buggies, booked with your reservations, on sites. ATVs off road vehicles are arranged by our Company, as part of your adventure package and delivered to the base at HighCamps by our Company for you. Please inquire about specially outfitted dirt bikes, ATVs and extreme razor buggies. We are experts at Outback off-road equipment & vehicles.


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