Camp Ground “EcologyFriendly!”[Iconic Canyons]

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UFO DarkSky StarParty web portal. We provide a beautiful, safe & inspiring space, loaded with delicious choices & options. Compliment your stay with new knowledge, exciting adventures & unforgettable experiences!

This high camp destination is a world renowned iconic ‘WildWest’ destination offering many choice options. Made popular by the very well-known Bradshaw Ranch and other related icons of the early days of the American West, there is no shortage of legends & lore here.

Our organization creates gateways into premier locations, designs dynamic experiences & offers incredible adventures & far journeys. We specialize in enhancing your discovery, exploration, experimentation, and enjoyment factors. Enjoy a week-end or a holiday here; and become positively integrated into the fabric of the people, the ecosystem & amazing environments here.

Our organization works in collaboration with the Arizona Parks & Trails & US Forestry Service to help bring higher awareness about this beautiful place. At Sedona West, we educate, enlighten, illuminate & inform guests & visitors who appreciate & love the solace & serenity found here. The location & territory.

As part of daily choices, all of us work to access the best of what life has to offer. Ponder what to do in a week-end and make a difference over a life-time. Enjoy exciting times & positive change. Meet incredible people and make new friends.

Premium Packages are Optional. Additionally during each month of the four seasons, while working in conjunction & cooperation with the US Forestry Service, Forrest Service Caretakers and University Interns; we add seasonally dynamic & premium public positive community impact services layers. Here is an experience of full immersion into the delicious ecosystem of the high alpine deserts & dark skies as the stars of the show. Enjoying this life is a daily right to pursue and a priviledge to be enabled to share. 

This location is approximately 5.4 miles in from the turn-off at 89-A onto Forestry Services Road 525 also known as Loy Butte Road in WildWest touring guide books & USGS topographical maps of this area.

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