ElixirMixer FizzBar. ‘Cold & Hot’

Sedona West offers high value Concierge Specialty Client Services into this iconic wilderness area. High Vibe ElixirMixerFizz bar @ “The Wild West”

Endless Summer. Endless delights. Delicious fare. Amazing concierge-specialty-client services people! While immersed into the serenity of the golden sound of silence; here simultaneously enjoy VortexElixirMixerFizzBar in the away zone far from the noise of the Metro-grid! Activated tonics | High vibe Coffees | Raw Juices. Chakra Tonics, COLD PRESSED JUICES | Ayurvedic Teas & much more! Vortex Elixirmixerfizzbar zone is a community-based, next level herbal experience and high vibe beverage lounge. This away zone offers delicious high-quality teas, coffees and herbal tonics infused with adaptogens and nootropics for truly activating your unique & special experience. Enjoy maximum yield from your time of a life-time! Access deLUX ReTRo ElixirMixerFizzBar & enjoy access to premium hot or cold high vibe energy filled Beverages. PRIMO Services into the away zone! ElixirMixerFizz bar are ala caarte!

“The immortals kept their mental energies focused and refined, and harmonized their bodies with the environment. So they did not show typical signs of aging and were able to live beyond their biological limitations.”The Neijing, Trans. Maoshing Ni.Author Dean Thomas describes in his book Elixirs of Immortality, “China’s many sacred mountains that retain a resplendent history in Chinese folklore, and are well preserved national treasures. Their fame is heightened by stories, from ancient times until today, of the presence of immortals, reclusive hermits who roam their ravines and dense primordial forests.According to legend, as well as accounts in medical manuals and political treatises, these legendary immortals are said to take herbs and live in such accordance with nature that they defy mortality“

At LUXViLLA & RV Americana, irregardless of whether you ‘choose to Tatoo’ or not, you will immerse into this part of the life-stream & Enjoy the depths of your own privately booked adventure & high alpine desert safari experience stream.

They are called hsien.“As modern people, we strive to achieve this legendary ultra physical longevity, but how can it be achieved when we know the food that is commercially available to us has been altered and denatured in every imaginable way?At ZakLabs we have cracked the code to ultra nourishing Taoist tonic elixirs, upgraded enhancement formulas and longevity tonics using wildcrafted and hand-sourced herbs and ingredients for the “New Hsien”, bringing what was once reserved for Queens, Kings and Sages to your feet. We serve unparalleled frosty herbal “ice creams” and hot tonic beverages that will leave you fulfilled, energized and ready to explore all that Sedona West & the surrounding vast of it’s region has to offer!

Our Sedona West Company as an organization, created this exceptionally vibrant Toaist Tea ElixirMixerFizzBar and combines with a genuine STARLounge Green Room situation, as part of theGateway of premium concierge specialty services offered out of Diamondback Gulch & across the greatSpaces of this area. Especially for people who love to explore & to travel through this part of the country. People enjoy the deluxe spacious RV sites and beautifull Campgrounds. Everyone loves the 360 degree panaramic vistas ad convenient well established forest services roads & Wild West area trails.

Travellers that stay here very much enjoy & love the convenient access into the many locations across this area, including learning about the ancient tribes, discovery of the true history of the ledgendary Bradshaw Ranch & the long standing well known proliferation of UFO sightings here. This area is widely known as “The Wild West”. And through this premium thematic OUTBacKEDGES destination brings customized individuated preferences into a sublime experiential Hot & Cold high vibe elixir tonic bar to enhance the high-Quality time spent here.

Excellence in location based thematic-entertainment & Wild West adventures. Sedona West presents expertly integrated premium grade high-vibe experiences wherever our platform provides individuated layers of Superior Specialty Premium Packages out of the WildWest!

It is in fact refered to in the Sedona Hikes 225 Trails & Loops Tour Guide book, by Dennis Andres, as “The Wild West”. From our location in the WildWest at Diamondback Gulch hikers & trail riders may access everywhere in this iconic region from Cornville to Jerome and back through Clarkdale and Cottonwood and east on 89-A into West Sedona. We offer you the option to visit & enjoy an ElixirMixer at the FizzBar in theAwayZone! Cold or Hot!

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