Henna STARSalon

Sedona West offers high value Concierge Specialty Client Services into this; the ‘Historic Page Springs Route’. Available to those of you travelling from booked Experiences & Safari-Tours across “The Wild West”

Excellence in location based entertainment & Wild West adventures. Our platform provides individuated layers of enjoyment & fun factors in the form of a WHITEGLove@CONCIERGE quality of service premiums in the delivery of Superior Specialty Premium Packages. For your Specialty Henna” Sedona West provides your experience with an established, curated and especially skilled artist at the “Henna layer of prime specialty service capcity” and delivers the Healthy Henna experience encapsulated in it’s own sublime off-road RV Americana aesthetic. You will nothing that you won’t enjoy, through this premium Henna experience in a unique WildWest set/setting off Historic Page Springs road. The experience is sublime, entertaining, offering safe materials from conscious mehndi artists & henna temporary tattoo paste made with henna that is organic and tested for purity, additionally using 100% pure and natural essential oils. Henna temporary tattoos appear reddish brown in color and last up to three weeks. We also offer gorgeous blue hand painted temporary tattoos that contain a dark blue fruit-based dye called “jagua”; this skin stain also lasts up to three weeks and has 100% natural ingredients.

The beautiful dermal stains last for up to three weeks and possibly longer depending on care. To achieve the darkest and most long lasting stain, after the henna or jagua is applied, the paste dries on the skin for up to an hour while the dye stains the skin underneath. After the dried paste is eventually peeled off, the stain ripens on the skin and slowly darkens over 48 hours. The stain finally achieves its darkest color after aprox. 48-72 hours. It is important to keep the skin away from water and well moisturized with oil based lotions. Full after care instructions are provided to all our clients. Enjoy the beautifull & fun filled “HENNA EXPERIENCE” along the way through the Historic Page Springs Road at HennSTARSalon.

ART of HENNA. A particularly interesting & fun packed premium services layer, provides everything anyone could dream of in an atmosphere of enVogue high vibe Americana with an OUTBacKEDGE! Get a beautiull & entirely lifTed & gifted superior experience on the way through Historic Page Spring!

If you have had a chance to read our broshures & catalogues, you are aware that Our platform provides a series of phenomenally linked experiences within a dynamic-flow series format, which may be customized and served to enhance your vacation, holiday or while you are simply discovering this region. We provide your party & your guests individuated Superior Specialty Premium Package layers to add to, customize, enhance & of which are geared for enjoying customized selections of service premiums. Each beautifull, fun-filled thematic-destination based services premium is part of an integrated Sedona Wests’ very unique fabric of experiences to enjoy.

Our Sedona West Company as an organization, created this Gateway at Diamondback Gulch. It is especially for people who love to explore & to travel through this part of the country. People enjoy the deluxe spacious RV sites and beautifull Campgrounds. Everyone loves the 360 degree panaramic vistas ad convenient well established forest services roads & Wild West area trails. Travellers that stay here very much enjoy & love the convenient access into the many locations across this area, including learning about the ancient tribes, discovery of the true history of the ledgendary Bradshaw Ranch & the long standing well known proliferation of UFO sightings here.This area is widely known as “The Wild West”. It is in fact refered to in the Sedona Hikes 225 Trails & Loops Tour Guide book, by Dennis Andres, as “The Wild West”. From our location at Diamondback Gulch hikers & trail riders may access everywhere in this iconic region from Cornville to Gerome and back through Clarkdale and Cottonwood and east on 89-A into West Sedona.

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