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Supernatural Energy Feedback. The Earth; so as we of the earth with the earth move through space our field actually displaces the space around us. How does that impact the world of nature and humanity? Supernatural energy feedback. Einstein had said that you can equate mass & energy as the same thing. Just the gravity; we’re focusing gravity of what the Earth is made of so we can focus into these energies. We can focus our biological energy into the Earths materials.

The Cathedrals are a prime example. The summer the stone heats and provides warmth. In floor heating coming from the firepit like the old Roman baths. Simple basic principals of Natural physics. We don’t need all this vulnerable technology & electronics. Replacement is too expensive.

Supernatural energy fields of the Earth provide free energy, balanced energy. The God KoKoPelli or whoever. They were not slaves. They were creating out of lowest cost the maximum yield; consider the endless energy of the human body and while working the stone, the energy transfer into the stone from the biofield. The stones through out Europe are super-charged through the ages. The more they are charged the more their functions become superdynamic. The energy that is radiating out of the Planet itself has enough energy in a year to power our civilization for a million years. It’s not just spiritual. It’s not just esoteric. Why spend time, energy, blood, backbone & capital generating energy utilzing the EARTHS’ energy fields? The answers become exceedingly obvious from the physical applications around EARTH ENERGY PRODUCTION. Over the years we learned to realize that the natural physics within our environment feed the spiritual quest to find our place together.

Why are the old Cathedrals still used? They’re functionally powerful generators of energy from natural earth energy fields. People have lost connection to this. Maybe our politicians should come to the well of knowledge of the Earths’ energy fields. By building stone temple earth energy and bringing people together, we’re showing people that we care about our culture. Most people are disconnected from the EARTHS’ energy fields. Governments are disconnected from it. People with resources are disconnected from it. Professional people may have a dozen degrees amongst a handful of them however they’re just educated children; not one of them really knows where the energy is or what is going on. This is a trouble to the world.

Education regarding the production of genuine energy as a result of understanding the Earths’ energy can bring communities everywhere together in a way that is holisitc and healthy instead of all of the hedonism and destructive behavior we can come to the well of assemblage and be whole people within a holistic community, an educated community, a rich & wonderful community. Our biology is based on the natural Earth rythyms, not silicon chip technology devices. A lot of the disease and disorder in human-kind is because were so out of wack from the electronic wave lengths that we are being bombarded with. Plus the sun is become far more active as we go through the present stellar shift. On top of it the earths magnetic field is getting lesser.

The Earths’ magnetic poles have flipped in some areas. The great poles in the Atlantic and the Pacific. Planes and ships don’t navigate through it. So the compasses don’t work where the magnetic is weak; compasses don’t work. The commercial sea routes that connect the planet are changing. All of this affects the nervous system so there are a lot of people going crazy as the feed-back loop from a higher energy source to the lesser energy source so the lesser energy source hasn’t any chance against the higher energy source. It all just makes sence when one arrives at the point of inflection to where they can see and understand the changes and how to build into energy fields to prevail instead of just getting wiped out by the changes.

Come and visit. See the Earth amplification and sound resonance work within a central zero point of Earth energies working together with sound waves & magnetic fields. Groups in meditiation in building the energy with the intent of focus to draw the energy into yourself, into your group, into and out of the human biology and into the space. The space resonates in sound through certain key notes in meditiation and chants. The people resonate. The space resonates. With your focus, we put the intent into and draw it into ourselves as individuals or into the whole group. And the world in surround changes and it is goodness instead of fractured energy displaced into chaos there is order.

Earths treasures at work. Metals, Gemstones, Minerals. Earth put to work. Enjoy Summer Solstice here in the StoneTempleKiva with the master of the stone. The bringing in of the lost knowledge is put to application & taught for those who wish to see and to explore the idea of freedom into perpetual energy and abundance from community impacting the world, their world in a good way using Earths energies.

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