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The Importance of Lymph Drainage for Good Health

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Page Springs Green Room ElixirMixerBar & Plant based Medicinal Therapies Spa & Educational facility. An envogue thematic destination on Page Springs near Oak Creek. Discover Lymph Drainage Therapy or [LDT] and Fluid Dynamics: a hidden key to health and longevity. Enhance Fluids, Fascia, Muscles, Joints, Viseera and the Nervous System. Basics: The proper functioning of the lyumphatic system is critical to our body’s ability to drain stagnant fluids, detoxify, regnerate tissues, filter out toxins and foreign substnace, and maintain a healthy immune system [Asdonk, 1980, Adair & Guyton, 1982].

It is a complex system comprised primarily of lymph vessels and nodes working in cooperation to accomplish these tasks. Unlike the circulatory system, which uses the pumping of the heart tocirculate its blood flow, lymph vessels rely upon hundreds of tiny muscular units [lymphangions] contracting throughout the body to propel lymph flow [Mislin, 1961].

These contractions enable the lymph vessels to transport numerous substances [i.e. proteins, toxins, hormones, fatty acids, immune cells] to lymph nodes, which can then process them. The action of these muscular units can be hindered or stopped, however, due to surgery, trauma, burns, infections, substantial swelling, fatigue, stress or age. When the lymph circulation stagnates, fluids, proteins, cells and toxins accumulate and cellular functioning is significantly compromised [Adair, Guyton, 1982] This may open the way to many physical ailments and hasten the aging process.

Modalities & subject matters of Lymph Drainage Therapy. 1. LDT… Taking the Techniques To A New Level. 2. How Lymph Drainage Therapy is Performed. 3. The Benefits of Lymph Drainage Therapy.

This area is widely known as Page Springs, which is just 15 minutes drive down 89-A from Loy Butte Road which is the main road out of “The Wild West” into Page Springs. This area is in fact refered to in the Sedona Hikes 225 Trails & Loops Tour Guide book, by Dennis Andres, as “The Wild West” and the Page Spring Road area. From our location at Diamondback Gulch hikers & trail riders may access everywhere in this iconic region from Cornville to Gerome and back through Clarkdale and Cottonwood and east on 89-A into West Sedona.

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