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“Where People Who Enjoy Their Freedom Converge Ideas into Reality & Modify the Modifiers”

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CONQUERING MIND CONTROL & DISEASES PERPETRATED by CRIMINAL GOVERNMENTS and THEIR COMMISSIONED CORPORATE & POLITICAL WAR CRIMINALS to CONDUCT GENOCIDE. How about this ‘idea’? Let’s begin by having a dialogue about how to eliminate the most deadliest of diseases known to be the most useful tool utilized by the elitist rich, the elitist oligarchy, to subordinate and to wipe out entire populations. How about learning how to be wiping out that most deadliest disease of all time; the Bicameral Mind Disease. A disease perpetrated by MindKontrolCriminals. The best way to resolve this problem is to understand it & then speak your mind through a medium that reaches the most people. We reach many people through many mediums of expression; one of the most powerfull being through the music! ROCK n ROLL is here to stay. ROCK n ROLL will never die. America loves ROCK n ROLL. America does not love MindKontroL! America does not love Slavery! America does not love orgnizations & people who attempt to wield their Control over it’s Freedoms! ROCK n ROLL!

Bicameral Mind Disease. A disease of the human mind where reality is no longer discerned by logic or reason but has been replaced by a mind disease perpetrated by think tanks financed by elitist controlled funds to elicit a corrupted form of influencing world wide populations in a manner that is condusive to the elimination of intelligent culture and replacing intelligent culture with hoardes of people who can no longer think for themselves; therefore subject to whatever is broadcast to them and fed to them in the form of toxic information, toxic atmospheres, toxic foods, toxic water.

Discover a dynamic aesthetic of American Culture which thrives from location based entertainment & Wild West adventures. Our platform provides individuated layers of Specialty Premium Packages. Our Sedona West Company as an organization, created this Gateway at Diamondback Gulch, especially for people who love to explore & to travel through this part of the country. People enjoy the deluxe spacious RV sites and beautifull Campgrounds. Everyone loves the 360 degree panaramic vistas ad convenient well established forest services roads & Wild West area trails. Travellers that stay here very much enjoy & love the convenient access into the many locations across this area, including learning about the ancient tribes, discovery of the true history of the ledgendary Bradshaw Ranch & the long standing well known proliferation of UFO sightings here.This area is widely known as “The Wild West”. It is in fact refered to in the Sedona Hikes 225 Trails & Loops Tour Guide book, by Dennis Andres, as “The Wild West”. From our location at Diamondback Gulch hikers & trail riders may access everywhere in this iconic region from Cornville to Gerome and back through Clarkdale and Cottonwood and east on 89-A into West Sedona.

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