Sedona West Night Vision Treasure Hunt. Call: 602.314.0413 for WHITEGLove@ Concierge Sedona Night Vision Treasure Hunt

Each Guest receives a detailed Treasure hunt package containing a Map on a Scroll & a SedonaWest treasure bag. Everything that our visitors find they keep! Guests utilize Night Vision Goggles with a Metal detector. We have 4 courses on Diamond Back Gultch. Guests follow the trail by way of clues on their map, the assistance of a metal detector & Night Vision Goggles! (We encourage our guests to look up at the stars for a glimpse of awesome beauty) On each of our treasure courses, are 6 marked points. Visitors uncover hidden rare artifiacts, gems & Minerals! At the end of the course, Guests dig up the largest treasure of the night. At the end of the treasure hunt each guests receives a handout of the story of the Wild West and the trail of gold for their education and their enjoyment. 

Our platform provides individuated layers of Specialty Premium Packages and is offering hosting of SedonaWest Stargazing Available for people traveling from booked Experiences & Tours across “The Wild West”. Join us and take advantage of viewing amazing celestial objects that are deep within the universe-millions and billions of miles away. Enjoy an incredible evening of stargazing guided by professional astronomers using state of the art Celestron C11 gps tracking telescopes. Each reservation group receives their own high powered telescope and our Dark Sky professional astronomers will teach you how to operate the instrument using a keypad similar to your cell phone. Our highly skilled astronomers then will describe what you are seeing through the telescopes including galaxies, nebula, comets, planets, double stars & more. Some things to remember about this experience. 1. Dress Warmly. Warm hats & gloves are recommended from October through March. 2. You must book this experience on our website and from doing so you will receive an email confirmation with directions. 3. Our experiences are always a maximum of 6 reservation groups each with their own telescope and although “socially distanced” may apply over into the Metro Grids, that does not apply in the OUTBacKEDGES of SEDONAWEST experiences. Thank you for that understandings.

Sedona Wests’ clear, dark, dry nights are ideally suited for stargazing; and even much more so than “West Sedona”. Sedona West is recognized as an international Dark Sky Community Star gazing culture resulting in amazing star filled skies. As a result, Sedona West has some of the very best observing conditions for astronomy in the World.

Excellence in location based entertainment & Wild West adventures! Sedona West Company as an organization, created this Gateway at Diamondback Gulch, especially for people who love to explore & to travel through this part of the country. People enjoy the deluxe spacious RV sites and beautifull Campgrounds. Everyone loves the Experiences here! Everyone loves the beautiful skies here! Everyone loves the 360 degree panaramic vistas & the convenience of having well established forest services roads & well established Wild West area trails. From our location at Diamondback Gulch hikers & trail riders may access everywhere in this iconic region from Cornville to Gerome and back through Clarkdale and Cottonwood and east on 89-A into West Sedona.

The ZERO TOLERANCE policy is enforced for abuse of the Forests and Trails. At SedonaWest there is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for abusers of the forrest by operators of ATV’s who are not /intentional on staying on the established forest services roads and already well established WildWest area trails. There simply is no excuse for the abuse of the delicate forrests & wilderness areas or our beautifull environments. There simply is no excuse for the insensitive destruction of the trees in our high alpine desert forest lands.

Sedona West operators take the time to entrain and educate people who are are using the ATVs and other high Powered outback terrain navigation vehicles. People or organizations that abuse the environment with high powerer outback terrain navigation vehicles will be removed from this territory. Abusers of the space using ATVs’ etc., will be posted on the public internet as ‘3rd party abusers of the sensitive ecology and beautifull environments in SedonaWest and the surrounding territory. Abusers of the environment using high powered ATVs will be reported to the US Forest Service and to local law enforcement as being ‘abusive to the environment’.

PLease duly take heed of this important note: Along with the establishment of Sedona West, comes a whole lot of people who feel the same way & who participate in the science of Astronomy, the in-depth studies and research derived from UFOlogy & DARK SKY Preservation; And there are the many Labyrinthe walkers & prayer circles granted special access & permissions on our lands, to facilitate the raising of the awarenness & the conciousess to insulate, preserve & to protect our incredible & beautifull Wilderness Edges. Welcome all to Sedona West! A Partial point of our MISSION Statement: “Preservation of like minded ideas & ideals for the Preservation of ecology-friendly Culture [Earth & People friendly ways of life] and insulation & protection from the Nonsence of the Maelstrom of the Nothing

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